Stakeholders and key actors

Stakeholder and key actors in Total Concept project

Carrying out a renovation project based on the Total Concept method involves a number of stakeholders and key actors, who directly or indirectly influence the results. These stakeholders and key actors are:

  • Property owners/clients who will initiate future projects based on the Total Concept method. In this project proposal, the term client can refer to both a property owner and another investor or decision maker, who is motivated to invest in energy saving measures in the building, for example a tenant company that pays for its own energy costs, an ESCO company, etc.
  • Property managers who are responsible for the buildings in question, might play important roles when it comes to investment decisions.
  • Maintenance staff who are responsible for all the systems in a building and who can directly control the use of energy in the building and influence in long term.
  • Energy consultants who are to carry out the work in practice in Step 1 in the Total Concept method and who will present proposals for the action package.
  • Design engineers who carry out the detailed design for the action package in Step 2 in the Total Concept method.
  • Contractors and technology providers who participate in carrying out the cost-effective package of energy saving measures according to the consultants’ proposals.

All these groups, each in their own particular way, play important roles in the energy performance improvement process as a whole. As end users, the tenants have also a significant influence on the energy used in the building and it is therefore essential for the client to keep them well–informed and to be responsive to their needs.


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