Expected outputs

Major expected outputs and results

The strategic objective of this action is to considerably reduce the energy demand in the sector of existing non-residential buildings and thus contribute to European 20/20/20- target by 2020. Through the activities undertaken in this project more building owners/investors, in public and private sector, are active in realising major energy performance improvement in non-residential buildings.

The main outputs of this project are:

  • Detailed information, guidelines and a tool-kit available for the Total Concept method implementation, targeting the different stakeholders and key actors in the participating countries. Recommendations for Total Concept method implementation on European scale are made.
  • Demonstration of refurbishment with cost efficient larger energy performance improvement in existing non-residential buildings based on Total Concept method. These pilot studies respond to the market barriers of the stakeholders (e.g. finding cost efficient solutions for major decrease in energy use). Action packages based on Total Concept method are developed for about 15-18 existing non-residential buildings. A practical implementation of developed action packages will be carried out in about 6-8 demonstration buildings.
  • Practical know-how is transferred to the stakeholders and key actors, new knowledge is made available and replication is stimulated. National training courses are carried out and at least 500 stakeholders and key actors will be trained within the project. After the project, these training courses are expected to continue as self-financed events organized by the trade associations and local institutes.
  • High level dissemination activities, including promotion, seminars and Total Concept workshops/meetings for the stakeholders and key actors for implementing the Total Concept in the participating countries. Within the project a participation of at least 700 stakeholders to these events are expected.
  • A plan for further dissemination on national and European level beyond the project frames.

The expected results are:

  • Implementing Total Concept method opens up new opportunities for property owners to carry out major energy performance improvement retrofitting in a profitable way and thus create a market driver for major refurbishment of existing buildings towards Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings.
  • Resolving one of the main non technical barriers for finding economically profitable solutions for investments for energy performance improvements in the non-residential building sector.
  • Increased awareness and competence among the different stakeholders to continuously work with the energy issues related to the building performance on both short and long term scale.