Total Concept Meeting in Tallinn

On the 17th to 18th of November the Total Concept work group held a two day conference in Tallinn with Estonian Partners Riigi Kinnisvara and EKVÜ as hosts. In the meeting also the technical officer for the project from the European Commission took part.

Janna Schönfeld from EASME of the European Commission gave feedback on how the project is developing and also presented guidelines set by the Commission on European projects with information on financial and technical management. Ms. Schönfeld in particular discussed the interim report for the project. Each member presented the project buildings in their respective country and the Total Concept project as a whole.

Looking on the project in 2016 the group discussed upcoming events on which to promote the Total Concept on, e.g. Clima 2016. The group also discussed new material, such as an information brochure and updated tool kits. The group also elaborated on material and presentations for the training courses that is now in the planning phase for 2016. The meeting ended with reflections and information on the upcoming energy efficiency calls in the Horizon 2020 work program.

The next meetings will take place in Aalborg in May 2016.