About the method

Total-concept_logo_WEB_400pxThe Total Concept is a method for improving energy performance in existing non-residential buildings and applies a refined systematic approach throughout the project. The method aims at achieving maximum energy savings in a cost efficient way and includes economic realities which building owners need to consider. In order to make sure that the expected savings will actually be reached, a comprehensive approach is important throughout the complete process of the energy retrofitting.

What can the Total Concept provide you?

  • Achieve maximum energy savings in a profitable way through a systematic approach in order to identify the energy saving action package that suits best to your yield requirements.
  • Create better buildings for higher revenues by improving the overall quality of the building. You save energy costs, raise property value and enhance tenants’ satisfaction! Total Concept can preferably be embedded in a wider renovation process.
  • Get an economic tool that is easy to understand and that reflects the actual yield of your investment, expressed as its internal rate of return. With the Total Concept tool it is easy to identify an optimal renovation package, considering also upcoming energy price fluctuations and the specific service time of individual measures.
  • Secure your investments in energy renovations through a comprehensive approach, including in-depth energy auditing, close follow-up through renovation process and in operation. Clearly defined working structures and responsibilities ensure that your targets are reached.


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