News about Lyngby Port, status the 30th of August:

In the pilot office building, Lyngby Port situated to the North of Copenhagen, Step 2 was carried in steps and has just been finished.

The works on connection the building to the district heating has started in Q1 of 2016, but has been delayed due to preparing ground for the coming light rail. It means that the most profitable measure – conversion to district heating can be first fully implemented latest January 2017. There has been also other changes compared to the original plan, e.g. there have been installed centrifugal ventilators instead of axial ventilators, ventilation ducts have been extra insulated then previously planned.

Moreover in one-third of the building, there has been changed the way of supplying air – from traditional VAV diffusers to diffuse air supply over suspended ceiling.

Monitoring and follow-up (Step 3) is currently ongoing. The preliminary results will be known within 2-3 months.