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This project aims to demonstrate that large scale energy performance improvements in existing non-residential buildings can satisfy profitability demands set by the building owner/investor and thus become a market driver for major refurbishment of existing buildings towards Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings.

The basic idea with the Total Concept method is to make an energy saving package of all measures. In this project we aim to test, adopt and promote the Total Concept method in order to show that larger energy performance improvement in refurbishment projects can meet the demands of profitability set by the building owner and thereby create a market driver for major energy saving project.

Up till now, there is little support provided to the building owners regarding on how to best make investment decisions in order to improve the energy performance of their buildings and save on running costs. The decisions are often based on profitability of single measures evaluated by simple economical methods which do not take account the life time of the total technical systems nor often even the changes in energy prices. With this approach only the very profitable measures are  commonly considered and carried out. The Total Concept Method has been developed in order to overcome this obvious risk and motivate building owner. The method has been successfully applied on a limited number of buildings.